We are Xenfinity!

Launched in 2013, Xenfinity, LLC resolved to eliminate the dissatisfaction with the shared hosting industry’s lack of processing power and VPS hosting providers’ lack of RAM. With much personal success, Xenfinity emerged from a small group of friends, all dedicated to bringing you a powerful and inexpensive alternative to mainstream hosting. After many trials and tribulations, what seemed impossible was negated and Xenfinity Hosting was born. Each team member here at Xenfinity comes from a non-profit background, and we have a passion for what we do—just ask any of our support staff. Although we may not have been here as long as our competitors, we plan on staying.

If you are looking to compare us with our competitors, please keep the following in mind:


Other providers tend to charge ridiculous rates for specs, and at the same time, they look to cheaper solutions to cut costs on their end, particularly with VPS hosting. Before we started Xenfinity, we saw other companies recycle older hardware and attempt to sell it back to us for a higher price… that’s just not right. A 1GB stick of RAM should not cost $25/month, and you shouldn’t be limited to only 20GB of hosting space. As a business, we will always try to keep our costs as low as possible, and that’s the truth. We will never reduce our costs at the expense of your quality. That’s unacceptable and bad business practice; therefore, we order our hardware from resource markets that are not corrupted by typical corporate flair. To scale, 1GB of RAM with us is equivalent to $2-3/month, and we can still make a profit. We can offer you dynamically expanding, near unlimited shared hosting space, and we can still make a profit. What does that tell you about other providers?

Virtualization Technology

We opted to use Xen for virtualization because it is the closest that you can get to experiencing the bare metal hardware without having to pay for it (we've got that covered). Xen isn't subject to the limitations imposed by other virtualization solutions because it's as low-level as can be. We allow you to use the keyboard, video, and mouse of your Xen VPS as if it were a computer sitting next to you.


Running out of RAM on other VPS hosts is a common problem, especially since they offer less RAM than the cheapest new computers today. It's disappointing to realize that hosts are still selling servers less powerful than a typical new home computer from a decade ago. Xenfinity holds true to what a server should be; our plans start with better specs. We don't settle for inferior quality.


Since we don't oversell our resources, we don't take any chances by compromising stable performance for profit. The host node is not overworked to the point of "stealing" CPU time from your VPS.

The Team

Nick Liu


With several years of web hosting experience before working with Xenfinity Hosting, Nick knows by heart what the web hosting industry is lacking. Using his expertise, he resolves to overcome the various shortcomings of the industry.

Cree Kalani


Dedicated and committed, Cree will not let anyone down. To ensure the success of Xenfinity and its customers, he puts wholehearted conviction into Xenfinity's ever-evolving infrastructure.

John Stimac


As a quick learner, John jumped from writing simple scripts to designing and coding web hosting backends within a year. Xenfinity is not the first web host that he has developed, but he has been a crucial asset in the development and deployment of the Xenfinity website.