Xenfinity Xen VPS Hosting

From No Other Provider…

Unmetered Data Transfer

As long as you're not clogging up our wires, all your server's traffic goes unmetered. Regardless of your throughput, you will never be throttled lower than 2MB/s.

Full Console

Just like a dedicated server, you get a full keyboard, video, and mouse console that allows you to interface with your VPS almost as if you were sitting in front of it. Here, you can also load in ISOs like popping in a CD or DVD.


It's your server. We don't care what you put on your VPS within the bounds of law and spam.

Tolerant and Friendly

We know it's possible that your server get quite a bit more traffic than you expect. Unlike other providers, we reserve suspension as a last resort for server abuse. Instead, we will actively work with you to resolve the problem at the root.

Humble Services

As a brand-new new-brand hosting provider, we don't have the fancy tools and manpower that others have. Still, we do our best to provide special semi-managed support and the hardware that fits your needs.

Driven By You

Your success is our success. We cater to your needs, not to amassing profits. It's about stability so that you can rest assured that your VPS is up.

Top Features

Bare-metal Xen VPS

The closest you can get to physical hardware without the dedicated server cost. Other VPS hosts offer Xen as a premium service. Xen is our standard.

Exceptional RAM

A common VPS grievance is that VPS run out of RAM way too easily. With Xenfinity, you don't need to worry about optimizing your entire operating environment to run on 768MB of RAM.

Superior Features

Up to 60GB of RAM, custom partitioning, and more. We have the resources to provide more for much less.

7-Day Money-Back

Even though we're a new company, we're so confident that you get the service you deserve... or a full refund of your VPS service within seven days.

Prorated Refunds

Our flexible billing cycles allows you to shorten or cancel early for a prorated refund based on the number of days left unused in your hosting package. See our terms for details.

99.9% Uptime

If it's our fault you can't access your VPS, we'll credit you for the downtime incurred for up to the full value of the entire month of hosting.

No Overselling

With Xen, pieces of the server get assigned to you and you only. They cannot be shared with anyone else.

Custom Partitioning

Not only can you slice up your physical disk space, but also, you can mount special partitions like `tmpfs`, `nfs`, and `ecryptfs`.

Physical Assurance

We keep in touch with our datacenters to ensure maximum network availability.

DDoS Protection

In front of our servers are hardware DDoS mitigation machines, ensuring that your VPS remains safe from high-bandwidth attacks.

RAID 5 Protection

We're not leaving your data to chance. Hardware RAID 5 ensures that your data is completely accounted for when a hard drive fails while providing improved I/O performance compared to a single hard drive.

Performance in Mind

The parts that we pick for your host node are never sub-par. We would not let a hard drive go without solid-state caching.