VPS Hosting

Xenon Plan

Our Xenon plan starts with dedicated server specs without the dedicated server cost. Xenon lets you harness the power of modern Intel® Xeon® hardware; each Xenon host node scores 20893 points on PassMark's CPU Mark.

The hard drives are hot-swappable in RAID-5, so if one fails, we can replace it with no downtime. The RAID is also behind a battery-backed flash cache, so we can provide you with reliable solid-state-like performance as well as a lot of disk space to work with.

Xenon also features high-performance DDR4 SDRAM memory chips clocked at 2133MHz with error-correction code to prevent memory corruption.

All Xenfinity host nodes have at least a 1Gbps Internet connection protected from DDoS attacks.

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cPanel Shared Hosting

Francium Plan

Here at Xenfinity, we sought to create a cPanel hosting plan so powerful that it defeats all competition. Introducing Francium, a plan so explosively packed with awesome that we must use the latest fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® processors and hardware extensions to stabilize it. Each Francium server scores 9684 points on PassMark's CPU Mark.

Francium advertises "unlimited" disk space, but there is no such thing as "unlimited". As finite disk space gets used up, we simply plug in more drives to hold your data.

Are you skeptical of the performance and reliability of Xenfinity Francium? You're looking at a live demo of a website hosted on a Francium plan: our main website.

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