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    What payment methods do you support?

    We accept payment cards and PayPal payments.

    What money-back guarantees are you offering?

    We are so confident in the quality of our service that you can cancel your first hosting plan within 7 days of purchasing it and receive a full refund of the hosting service. We would appreciate if you let us know why you're canceling, but you don't have to.

    Important note: Third-party licenses, domains, IP addresses, additional disk space, and quoted services purchased through Xenfinity are non-refundable.

    There is also a 99.9% uptime guarantee. For VPS hosting, the uptime is measured by how long the host node has been online. For cPanel hosting, the uptime is measured by the accessibility of various services. This guarantee is outlined in more detail in our terms of service.

    Can I upgrade my hosting plan?

    Upgrading VPS hosting plans can be done at a pro-rated basis. Upon upgrading, we can add or remove hardware allocations to your VPS. Keep in mind that to add more RAM to your VPS is analogous to putting in another RAM stick, so your VPS will need to be taken down for hardware changes. Adding disk space can be done, but your VPS's filesystem(s) would need to be expanded to fit the new larger volume. There is a risk of data loss if this is attempted, so we recommend creating a new partition with the added free space instead.

    Our own cPanel plan, Francium, is too epic for us to beat, so we can't really go up from there. Transferring to a VPS hosting plan is an involved process, but if you have a new VPS plan with cPanel and a compatible operating system, we can assist with (but not guarantee) a full website transfer from your cPanel plan to your virtual private server, free of charge. Otherwise, you'll need to transfer the data yourself.

    If you are coming from Xen4.me, we can transfer you to a Francium plan in the same way we can transfer any site from a different web host.

    Can I downgrade my hosting plan?

    Downgrading VPS hosting plans is significantly more difficult to do when it comes to disk space because partitions would need to be shrunk. If possible, please shrink your VPS's partition(s) to leave enough free space at the end of the volume before requesting a downgrade that involves reducing disk size. We can help you with this if you are using compatible filesystems, but be advised that this is DANGEROUS and can result in data loss, so please make backups. A reboot is necessary for VPS downgrades.

    There isn't a cPanel plan lower than Francium, unless you transfer to Xen4.me, but we do not have a transfer service to go to Xen4.me.

    Do I have to sign a commitment contract?

    Nope. You can choose your billing cycle: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. And if you ever want to cancel early, we'll refund you the value of the days remaining before the end of your billing cycle.

    Can I buy more bandwidth?

    Currently, this is not possible. If you need more bandwidth, you are probably clogging up the Internet link, which may result in bandwidth throttling (but no penalties otherwise). We may offer guaranteed bandwidth options in the future.

    How long does it take to get a cPanel hosting account set up?

    Xenfinity cPanel hosting accounts are created instantly after payment is received.

    How long does it take to get a Xen VPS set up?

    Xen VPS are typically provisioned automatically within minutes after payment is received, but there are various conditions that would require us to provision them manually to ensure that resources are properly defined, so you'll have to wait for a technician to allocate the hardware for you.

    How much does it cost to install my SSL certificate on my cPanel account?

    We will do any valid SSL installations for free; just open up a support ticket, and we'll guide you through. When you create the support ticket, we need to make a certificate signing request (CSR). To speed up the SSL installation, create your ticket and include your domain(s), your company address, your company name, and your company division (if applicable).

    On my VPS, can I buy more than four IPv4 addresses?

    Yes; however, justification is required for more IPv4 addresses. There is a global shortage of IPv4 addresses, so the remaining ones should be preserved for those who need them. Currently, the only valid justification for additional IPv4 addresses is SSL installation, which requires dedicated IP addresses to function properly.

    Can I have IPv6 addresses?

    IPv6 isn't available on the Xenfinity network… yet.

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    What is your role in storing my data?

    We do have physical redundancy to protect your data, but if it's not a hardware fault, we don't have any assurances for your data. Filesystem corruption and accidental data deletion are not protected in any way by us. It is your responsibility to take backups of your data in case of accidents like those.

    Filesystem corruption and accidental data deletion are much more common than you might think. We cannot stress this highly enough: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!

    Is my data private?

    For cPanel hosting, despite the term "shared hosting", your data is contained in your own user account by server-wide file policy. The `root` user, what Xenfinity admins operate as, always has access to every file on the server.

    If you have a VPS, think of your server as an independent machine, and think of us as only the provider of that machine. We won't go through your data unless dictated by you, law, or our terms of service. In fact, while your VPS is running, it's hard to access your data anyway. And if you're paranoid, you can implement partition or file encryption like LUKS or BitLocker to prevent your data from being accessed by anyone else. You have the root password to your server, so you get to decide who you open the door to, whether it's us, your programmer, or a script.

    No matter what hosting plan you have with Xenfinity, we will never give out your data to anyone unless we are legally required to do so.

    How can I get all my data?

    All your data is on your server, so you can download them at will, but one of our semi-managed services for non-cPanel hosting is a packaging of your data. cPanel has the option to create account backups, which include all data under your hosting account.

    What am I not allowed to do?

    It boils down to this: You can do anything as long as it does not interfere with the functioning of our equipment for other people.

    For example, if you send spam emails, you give your IP address a bad reputation. This affects our datacenter and anyone who might use that IP address during or after your lease expires; thus, spam emails are not allowed.

    Another example is some kind of unthrottled bandwidth usage, like seeding and leeching with torrents. This squeezes the bandwidth available to other users on the server, and in extreme cases, render other servers unreachable. Hogging up bandwidth is also not acceptable.

    Yet another example: if you work with illegal content, law enforcement may contact us or seize the host node, both of which interfere with the functioning of our equipment for other people. We must comply with the law, so illegal content is not permitted either.

    One last example: if you compile software day and night on all of your cores at full utilization, you reduce the processor resources available for other people on the host node. Though it's not a violation of any of our terms, the CPU scheduler gets to decide what your fair share is. (If you are on a VPS plan that has priority CPU allocation, your scheduling will be the same as the scheduling reserved for dom0, the Xen service console.)

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    What can your support team do for my VPS?

    Though we do have the resources for great specs, we don't have the manpower to offer managed solutions for you. In the realm outside of your VPS, we maintain the host node to ensure that you have maximum availability and stability. We also help with your virtual hardware, which is really quite similar to real hardware anyway. We can't access your VPS while it is running unless you let us in, but in general, we can provide little to no support inside your VPS.

    What can your support team do for my cPanel hosting?

    Generally, management of anything beyond your reach in your shared hosting environment, like DNS zone file changes, document root changes, server software updates, system stability, and uptime are included services about which you can inquire anytime. We also provide support for most cPanel components that you can use. Items specific to your website are generally not supported, especially coding problems. You may be able to get a quote from us to fix a custom site problem (usually ones that involve changing programmed code).

    When can I expect a reply to my support ticket?

    Unfortunately, we do not have 24/7 support coverage yet. It really depends on how busy the queue is and how many active support team members are on duty. General response times may be between 5 minutes and 24 hours. In critical situations, like a host node malfunction, a technician will be alerted as soon as possible to restore service, which hopefully would not take more than one hour.

    Can I get support without using the ticket system?

    Though we prefer that you use the ticket system, email support is also available. The support email address is moc.ytinifnex@troppus.
    We are in the process of evaluating the feasibility of support via instant message, so that might become another support option in the future.

    Can I get a quote from you to perform a managed service?

    Perhaps! On a case-by-case basis, we can agree on a price for one-time managed services such as software installation, website optimization, making backups, and VPS configuration.

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    Is this service for me?

    You should be familiar with or at least willing to learn about the terms cPanel, DNS, FTP, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript. Xenfinity cPanel hosting is designed for those who already know how to build a website by uploading it to a remote server (your Xenfinity Hosting server); however, if Xenfinity is your first web host, we'll be happy to help you get started. Please note that Xenfinity is a website hosting company, not a website design company. We don't have the manpower to provide assistance with code and theming. There is an overview of what support we provide in the "Support" section above.

    How do I use my hosting?

    First and foremost, you'll need your domain pointed towards the appropriate nameservers for hosting with Xenfinity. The nameservers to use are probably ns1.xenfinity.com and ns2.xenfinity.com unless you received a welcome email that says otherwise. Your domain registrar has instructions on how to update your nameservers.

    Once DNS propagation has taken place, you'll be able to manage your hosting through your domain. cPanel can be accessed at http://yourdomain.tld:2082/, and your FTP and email host would be yourdomain.tld.

    If you're new to web hosting and don't know what all this means, please contact us with details on what you need so that we can personalize assitance for you.

    Your name is Xenfinity. Are your cPanel "servers" actually on Xen virtual machines?

    No, all of our cPanel hosting servers are on directly on bare-metal hardware, which are fully managed by us. We do have plans in the future to research Xen virtualization for cloud cPanel hosting that could allow us to provide you with even more reliability.

    Can I set my PHP processes to have unlimited RAM and use unlimited CPU?

    Yes, but there might be a serious issue with your approach of spawning such large processes. There is also no such thing as unlimited RAM, so beware of the kernel out-of-memory killer or even us if we see your processes allocating gigabytes of RAM. If CPU usage is excessive and interferes with normal website operations, your processing may be deferred to later CPU cycles. Keep in mind that cPanel web hosting is intended for websites that load in seconds if not milliseconds, not for computationally-intensive operations that take minutes to hours or days.

    What operating systems do your cPanel servers run?

    Our cPanel servers run CentOS 6 and perform daily security updates.

    What are your cPanel server specs?

    The Francium plan may run on one of these sets of specs:

    Intel® Xeon® E3-1240v3 processors (9684 points on PassMark), 32GB of DDR3 SDRAM with ECC, 2 × 120GB direct-attached storage SSD drives in 512MB flash-backed hardware RAID 1.

    Intel® Xeon® E5-1410v2 processors (no PassMark link available), 64GB of DDR3 SDRAM with ECC, 2 × 500GB direct-attached storage SSD drives in hardware RAID 1.

    Multiple NAS iSCSI block devices of 1TB, 5TB, or 10TB are attached for data storage.

    Where are your servers located, and how fast are your network connections?

    We currently use datacenters in Paris, France and Montreal, Canada, and each host node has a 1Gbps connection to the Internet. Bandwidth is limited, so we ask that you avoid high-bandwidth operations like video streaming, proxy downloading, and torrenting. This doesn't mean that we're not capable of holding this many virtual private servers; we can host all of you, but not if everyone is trying to stream HD video as if you had a dedicated 40Gbps link.

    May I have IPv6 address for my primary domain?

    IPv6 isn't available on the Xenfinity network… yet.

  • Technical: VPS Open or Close

    Is this service for me?

    Since our VPS are largely unmanaged, you will need proficiency with the console so that you can interact with your server. Xenfinity's smallest plan or a small custom VPS may be appropriate for people who want to learn about servers without actually having to buy one. For just a low monthly rate, you get practically dedicated server behavior without leasing a physical machine. Xenfinity is also tailored to power users. Our largest plan offer unprecedented features at an incredible price. Many dedicated server hosts begin their pricing of lower specs at the prices of our larger plans.

    How do I control my VPS?

    Under normal circumstances, you get full root access to your VPS via SSH, which you should be familiar with if you're signing up for our unmanaged VPS service. In cases that need hard reboots (e.g. an unresponsive `sshd` server or downed networking), you could log in to your VPS control panel. There, you can use the keyboard-video-mouse console as if you were using a real physical server to bring the server back up.

    Why do you put so much emphasis on Xen as opposed to the more popular OpenVZ?

    OpenVZ is popular because of its ease of use, resource scalability, and greater profit per unit of hardware. Though OpenVZ can work out great for many people, it can be frustrating for others. For one, the host node is rampant in the VPS containers because the containers use the host node's kernel. This precludes containers from custom partitioning, SWAP setup, OOM handling, memory guarantees, operating system choices, and more.

    We chose Xen because it is the closest you can get to touching the bare metal without buying an expensive dedicated server. Xen feels just like a real machine, so we treat it like one. It's not simplified for mass containerization like OpenVZ.

    Our system architects design our servers in such a way that you get more features for much less than other VPS hosts without sacrificing quality.

    Which operating systems can I run on my VPS?

    With Xen? Whatever you want as long as it matches the server architecture. Namely, most 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems can be installed. You can install any operating system in our fast installation templates or from our OS image library as if you were popping in a bootable CD/DVD into your disk drive. If we don't have an ISO/QCOW2 of the operating system you want to install, please open up a support ticket so that we can add it to the library.

    What do you want to do with your VPS? Start a web hosting service? Have a GUI so you can use it like a remote desktop? Instantiate a VPN? Go for it.

    What do you mean by "CPU threads"?

    For our purposes, two CPU threads makes one core. For Intel® host nodes, one core has hyperthreading, which yields two CPU threads.

    What are your host node specs?

    Our Xen host nodes have varying specs. Your VPS may be provisioned on host nodes with one of the following set of specs:

    2 × Intel® Xeon® E5-2650v2 processors (19304 points on PassMark), 192GB of DDR3 SDRAM with ECC, 3 × 3TB Serial Attached SCSI hard drives in RAID 5, and a flash-backed hardware RAID controller with 1GB cache.

    1 × Intel® Xeon® E3-1231v3 processor (9616 points on PassMark), 32GB of DDR3 SDRAM with ECC, 2 × 1TB Serial Attached SCSI hard drives in RAID 1.

    Where are your servers located, and how fast are your network connections?

    We currently use datacenters in Paris, France and Montreal, Canada, and each host node has a 1Gbps connection to the Internet. Bandwidth is limited, so we ask that you avoid high-bandwidth operations like video streaming, proxy downloading, and torrenting. This doesn't mean that we're not capable of holding this many virtual private servers; we can host all of you, but not if everyone is trying to stream HD video as if you had a dedicated 40Gbps link.

    May I have an IPv6 block for my VPS?

    IPv6 isn't available on the Xenfinity network… yet.


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If you have an existing account, please use the billing panel to open a ticket so that your credentials would be verified immediately.